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New Service from Netbay Digital Transformation

NETbay launches new service to help digital transformation Happens quickly and helps organizations to continue their business with ease under the Covid-19 situation.


Introducing InvoiceChain, the end-to-end E-Tax Invoice & E-Receipt solution in compliance with Thailand’s Revenue Department, and Intelligent Box (iBOX), the secured document storage and exchange platform. The combo potentially reduces the cost of paper, toner, and most importantly document messenger having to send cheques and receive invoices at your office. We estimate overall cost savings of 30x of total invoice process costs.

A case study of a sea-liner company that NETbay implemented iBOX + InvoiceChain in early July 2021, which simply cuts down the over-the-counter traffic. In the first week, 1300+ of their customers, and increases to 2,500+, successfully downloaded E-Tax invoices from iBOX. Sooner or later, all of their 20,000+ customers will be familiar with downloading E-Tax invoices from iBOX, and most likely to start using E-Tax invoice for their own businesses. 

This means that the entire Logistics Supply Chain (Supplier, Couriers, Forwarders, Customers) is able to transform into Contactless Business faster than any other industry. If one misses this this train, they may lose their customers in no time.

Why NETbay?

1) NETbay provides the Total e-Document Solution based on cloud architecture. We are the biggest gateway provider connecting to several government authorities.

2) Our E-Tax solution is designed to support other tax systems in the future such as  e-Withholding Tax

3) iBOX is a document storage system that meets ISO27001 (data security) and ISO27701 (data privacy) standards. We are the only Service Provider that is certified with both ISO standards.

4) iBOX supports E-tax invoice storage for your customers. They can store E-Tax invoices for a future audits by the Revenue Department.

5) iBOX is ready for E-Logistics. iBOX can store other logistics documents such as a Delivery Notes, e-D/O along with E-Tax invoices in one place. Users can search documents faster and download any time.

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